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Sprite Movie

2008-08-14 12:46:46 by superboy23

Hi peoples! I wanted to inform you that, well, 2 things 1: Im working on a SonicVS.Shadow Sprite Movie called SonicVS. Shadow: Space Travel. 2: I have the completed mario scene creator, but for some reason, it wont let me post it onto Newgrounds. Im mabye, 20 Percent in the movie. I know I haven't posted much in a while, but me and Slayerdude stopped making Scene Creators for a little bit, and movies. Slayerdude's also making a part two of his movie, so far I think its ok. Oh and this was news to me......I now have a baby bro! He is very cute, but his crying can get annoying, yeah. Anyway, thats all.

Yours Truly,


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2008-08-14 18:19:06

I like sprites, but another Sonic versus Shadow movie? You couldn't think of anything more original? Well, good luck anyway.

superboy23 responds:

Its not just a normal Sonic VS Shadow movie. Its alot more exciting than that.....Although you'll notice In the beginning its a little too far back......then I figured out that I needed to make the sprites bigger.


2008-08-25 21:05:05

well will axe be in one of them you said axe would be in one I even have a sprite sheet


2008-08-26 15:22:14

I wondered why your scene creators have not been posted. LET UM POST THEM NEW GROUNDS.

(Updated ) superboy23 responds:

Its just the Mario Scene Creator....I found it quite enjoyable. But for some reason, the NG Server Console is screwed up and wont let me post it.


2008-09-13 15:53:43

Yeah,my lil bro is kinda annoying.He is 3 years old.Tell ya something:Annoying 1 and Annoying 2.Haha!

(Updated ) superboy23 responds:

Heh, trudat! Yeah, still, mine isnt even two months old yet. I swear, sometimes when hes screaming, I feel like putting a muzzle on him. But you know, I deal with it.....Or atleast TRY.


2008-09-13 15:56:43

What about Sonic vs Fiery?

superboy23 responds:

What the hell are you talking about?


2008-09-18 08:58:06

some reason you could make sonic and shadow talk at the end so they would tell us the reason yeah and anyways i would like to be in your next SC but i dont got a sprite

(Updated ) superboy23 responds:

Actually, for the ending Im gonna have Shadow nearly killing Sonic, and saying, "Hey...do you remember why we're fighting?" And also, *SPOILER ALERT* they're going to say, " WAIT A MINUTE!!...do you remember why we're fighting?!No..not at all. Well, Superboy is the author of this thing, how bout we blame him? Hmm.. fine by me! Superboy, you little bitch, get the hell out of here!


2008-09-25 20:05:22

ou should make a mega mario scene creator

superboy23 responds:

I did


2008-09-30 10:39:04

oh and another thing will the preloader be in it?

superboy23 responds:

Preloader, probobly.


2008-10-10 16:00:26

Awsome about time u did something flashy lol also it would be kool if my sprite 2 be in your next next sceen creater if that ok

superboy23 responds:

Sure! Tell me what he looks like and I'll make him!