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2008-10-23 14:15:41 by superboy23

Attention all,

I know you understand the situation me and Slayerdude have, but I TRIED to make it up to you guys, knowing how patient and awesome you are while we aren't making much...But, SINCE you all have been so patient, I made a Luigi's Mansion Scene Creator, in the spirit of Halloween. BUT my Flash "ran out of memory" so I can't publish the scene creator, there fore, I can't post it. I understand how long you all have been waiting, and I'm truly sorry. As soon as I get this thing figured out, it'll be on, hopefully BEFORE Halloween. And who knows, mabye I might be able to get the Mario Bros Scene Creator on here for ya, kill some time! Anyway, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting and appreciate your patience. I've been kind of sick lately, so I've had some free time to work in Flash. So I'll try to get the Mario Bros Scene Creator on Newgrounds.



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2008-10-23 15:08:32

Oh awesome a new halloween scene creator. It has been a long wait but it will be worth it will be worth it. I am gettin a laptop very soon so I could start on my scene creators very soon. once you get your mario scene creators up and runnin try to make less common scene creator themes.

superboy23 responds:

Thats my goal here, isn't it?


2008-10-24 17:21:25

That's OK...

Listen, if you can get back to me I really need your help!
How do you make a scene creator?
I know it's kind of low...BUT
I've never been on Newgrounds before so...

superboy23 responds:

That depends, do you have Flash Professional 8?


2008-10-28 15:52:55

you are AWESOME MAN before i had an acount i just kept playing youer games man rock on


2008-11-02 04:46:45

awsome thats really kool something for halloween
also not to sound stupid maybe it would be kool to make super forms of luigi and mario not fire super like super sonic
that would be awsome


2008-11-02 11:51:00

Hey dude.Sorry for not commenting too long.Need ya help.Read my new post,im making a sprite movie and I need you and your buddy Slayerdude to help me.Again with the little bro stuff........HE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!Ok im finished.See ya!Gotta run!!!!