Flash Movie/Cartoon

2009-03-16 22:46:06 by superboy23

Ever see that Kool Aid commercial where it says, who has more in one single pour with the bottle of soda and cool aid jug? Something like that? Anyway, Im gonna redraw it to make it a little bit more appealing, funnier, and If I may, cruder.


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2009-03-20 10:08:37

Can't WAIT


2009-04-10 19:20:47

you and slayerdude aren't making flashes together huh but you two were great sorry bad things happened well thats what slayerdude said he said on his account something like this " i can't make flash animations with people because bad things happened" don't get discoraged i'm just saying.......................


2009-04-15 15:58:05

u know i am mad i know u wont trust me cause i wanna be in a sc but my guy has to be u know i never fool around wit other peoples stuff!

superboy23 responds:

Don't care. Its just me and slayer.