2009-05-03 17:54:04 by superboy23

Everyone, I know that we don't post alot anymore. Theres alot going on. I have more things to do besides be at my computer 24/7. And if you can't understand that, your life obviously revolves around a basement. Ok? OK. And now, the good news. Ive got on hell of a comic in the workshop.

Superboy, out.


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2009-05-04 19:04:44

u see my guy is gonna be more famus then u will ever be cause he is gonna be in somethin that came in fith place and it will soon be in first

(Updated ) superboy23 responds:

Wow. You're pathetic. We don't let you come into the SC group, so you decide to rival us? Cry me a river, asswipe. Just by reading that post, I can tell you're either 9 years old, a big instigator, or just a big asshole.


2009-05-07 12:24:20

well srry about that i was upset about not being in the group but i took ur advice and made a custom custom char