2009-05-05 21:36:06 by superboy23

Everyone, My comics are going to be on slayerdude and my site. If you look to the left on the homepage, click on the Sonic Adventures link on the tab. The posts are small, if you hold down ctrl and keep pressing plus or you can just save it and the image will get bigger so you can see the pictures better and read the dialouge.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Adios mi amigos y amigas!


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2009-05-07 15:53:10

hey don't hurt me but just to say i made a cutom char cause a recolour would be bad so srry


2009-05-15 13:23:32

well on my computer its tooooooo small to read sorry.


2009-07-04 16:03:15

thier really funny


2009-09-02 08:50:23

superboy you should make a SMBZ super mario bros z scene maker take sonic shadow mario and luigi sprites put them in and then add bowser eggman and mecah sonic


2009-12-14 17:34:15

how do you make a flash?


2010-01-11 17:55:39

um can you tell me how to make a game


2010-01-13 19:45:03

i need you to tell me every step of how to make a scene creator . I have tons of sprites but, i need to know where to go to make scene creator games because i have never made a game before and make sure its a place that i dont have to pay for. Tell me what to do wrote it on my new grounds acount. I have already tried game maker it dosent let you make scene creators.


2010-01-13 19:46:20

oh i also want to make a sonic scene creator because i think im the biggest sonic fan but that might not be true so please help me out


2010-04-08 23:50:07

ur scene creator are the best i ever play u rock


2010-07-14 15:18:59

Hi!your scene creator is the best you are the god of the scene creator


2010-07-30 14:54:18

superboy23 if you reading this read it well i know that you is the best one here in newgorunds but if you can (and have time ) just awnser my question what is the program that you use to create a scene creator? tnx


2010-09-12 11:30:18

hey superboy! ive sen your game but can u make mega sonic scence creator
even more?


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