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Me love you long time

2010-09-17 19:22:59 by superboy23

Holy shit, it has been a LONG time since I've been back on newgrounds. I really do want to make more flashes but I can't for two reasons, 1, my flash basically broke. 2, my old computer in which I have flash on is now in a dump somewhere, and I don't want to spend 600 bucks on flash. Sorry to all those who used to follow me and slayer, but until I can get this figured out, you'll hear nothing from us. Maybe I will make some new issues of my comic, I didnt really get as far as I would have liked to with that.


2009-05-05 21:36:06 by superboy23

Everyone, My comics are going to be on slayerdude and my site. If you look to the left on the homepage, click on the Sonic Adventures link on the tab. The posts are small, if you hold down ctrl and keep pressing plus or you can just save it and the image will get bigger so you can see the pictures better and read the dialouge.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Adios mi amigos y amigas!


2009-05-03 17:54:04 by superboy23

Everyone, I know that we don't post alot anymore. Theres alot going on. I have more things to do besides be at my computer 24/7. And if you can't understand that, your life obviously revolves around a basement. Ok? OK. And now, the good news. Ive got on hell of a comic in the workshop.

Superboy, out.

Flash Movie/Cartoon

2009-03-16 22:46:06 by superboy23

Ever see that Kool Aid commercial where it says, who has more in one single pour with the bottle of soda and cool aid jug? Something like that? Anyway, Im gonna redraw it to make it a little bit more appealing, funnier, and If I may, cruder.


2009-01-07 18:16:51 by superboy23

Hia everybody! I have 2 things to discuss......Well it's 2009, oh, and that reminds me.....Happy New Year! I have an announcement, over the past couple of months, I've been LOADING, and I mean LOADING up on sprites, to begin my next project: My very own, Sonic Comic which I will be posting right here on Newgrounds for all of you to see, My first page is in proccess. The comic will not only have comedy, but it will also go on the course of past Sonic games, starting with Sonic The Hedgehog for the Genesis. Some games I'll be avoiding of course like "Sonics Toilet Training?" Some games like Sonic 2, and games that I just in general did not like. Though there aren't many Sonic games I dont like, considering the fact I am a HUUGE Sonic fan. I hope to have your support, and if you have anything cruel to say about what Im doing, I could really do without the teasing. Anyway, I'll try to bring you the clearest photos and the funniest comedy possible. And some funny things on the tabs at the edge.


PS- I keep trying to sign up for websites and such and type my name on here, and it is always taken. Whoever is posing as me or taking my name I'm kindly asking you to stop. Thank you.


2008-11-06 22:44:42 by superboy23

I'd like to thank whoever contributed an icon for the Mario Bros Scene Creator! Really cool icon, whoever made it!

Scene Creator

2008-10-23 14:15:41 by superboy23

Attention all,

I know you understand the situation me and Slayerdude have, but I TRIED to make it up to you guys, knowing how patient and awesome you are while we aren't making much...But, SINCE you all have been so patient, I made a Luigi's Mansion Scene Creator, in the spirit of Halloween. BUT my Flash "ran out of memory" so I can't publish the scene creator, there fore, I can't post it. I understand how long you all have been waiting, and I'm truly sorry. As soon as I get this thing figured out, it'll be on, hopefully BEFORE Halloween. And who knows, mabye I might be able to get the Mario Bros Scene Creator on here for ya, kill some time! Anyway, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting and appreciate your patience. I've been kind of sick lately, so I've had some free time to work in Flash. So I'll try to get the Mario Bros Scene Creator on Newgrounds.


Sprite Movie

2008-08-14 12:46:46 by superboy23

Hi peoples! I wanted to inform you that, well, 2 things 1: Im working on a SonicVS.Shadow Sprite Movie called SonicVS. Shadow: Space Travel. 2: I have the completed mario scene creator, but for some reason, it wont let me post it onto Newgrounds. Im mabye, 20 Percent in the movie. I know I haven't posted much in a while, but me and Slayerdude stopped making Scene Creators for a little bit, and movies. Slayerdude's also making a part two of his movie, so far I think its ok. Oh and this was news to me......I now have a baby bro! He is very cute, but his crying can get annoying, yeah. Anyway, thats all.

Yours Truly,